There are numerous causes for hair loss in dogs and it seems like your Veterinarian has already checked for the usual suspects. If the hair loss isn’t self inflicted (excessive licking – can be seen by examining remaining hair from around a bold spot for damage) then allergies or hormonal conditions are the two main possible sources.

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Treating hair loss in dogs and cats will vary depending on the cause of hair loss. General hair loss treatment may include changing your pet’s diet to a quality pet food and supplementing with Omega fatty acids to giving prescription pet medications.

Mar 02, 2011  · Bald Spots in Dogs: Common Causes and Treatments. There are lots of reasons dogs may lose hair (also called alopecia), from infection to irritation caused by parasites. A few of the more common reasons include: Allergies. Allergies are a frequent trigger for hair loss in dogs.

While it’s rare for dogs undergoing chemotherapy to lose their hair, when they do, some owners will stop treatment for their pets because they assume the chemo has become toxic. "When it’s something …

Alopecia in dogs refers to hair loss that can be partial or complete, but it also refers to deficiencies in a dog’s coat or a failure to grow hair at all. While dogs normally shed and may even have …

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Home Remedy For Dog Hair Loss Dec 08, 2016  · One of the most common skin disorders linked to hair loss in dogs is known as alopecia, an affliction that can result in partial or even complete hair loss. Although the term ‘alopecia’ is a general term used to describe hair loss in dogs, this unfortunate condition actually stems from a variety of possible sources.

Oct 21, 2017  · Hair loss in dogs (canine alopecia) is different from normal seasonal shedding. Hair loss is a medical condition that can be caused by a number of hormonal diseases and skin problems. Here are the possible causes and treatment.

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